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I-90 is very high on the least favorite roads list for sure! The data clearly shows a significant improvement. I do like the fact that New Horizons will build exactaly what you want.Murray. If you put on an IS “after market” they custom the IS for your specific trailer. replaces the axles and springs on the trailer. SRE4000 Suspension System. Repack your wheel bearings. Both systems, full air bags and the MOR/ryde IS, are very good. We figured there might be a slight improvement in the truck, but we were wrong! (Full Time RV Quick Tip! If there is a question about the integrity of a marginal rubber spring, a 3” wide object (such as a 3” putty knife) can be used to probe the rubber spring in the affected area. These are standard on the upscale New Horizons fifth wheels, and they are a pricey but popular upgrade with many RVers who have replaced their factory installed leaf spring suspension with the MORrydes IS suspension on their fifth wheel trailers. At General RV, our goal is to provide you with the best customer experience in the industry. We have air bags on our tow vehicle to help cushion the ride and level the truck when towing but also have an on board compressor so adjustments can be made from the driver seat and we have never had issues with water in the lines freezing. MorRyde Suspension. For more information on all the maintenance, check out MORryde’s Independent Suspension Service Manual. Posted By: okiejoe on 04/18/11 08:08am Yes Contact gary or Ben At Morryde for starters, sounds like you have the IS independent suspension system. With a traditional suspension, each wheel is forced to react to road conditions from the other wheels. Did you have it installed or was it already on your trailer when purchased. The difference in the truck is just as big of an improvement as the RV itself! When re-packing the bearings, the brake pads should also be inspected and replaced if needed. I.e. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. Automotive between the two lower plates you can just see the rubber "shear spring" that is the heart of the suspension on each independent wheel set. It's no secret that disc brakes outperform drum brakes. BTW, NH builds to spec but they also have two different basic frame sizes if you will. Just soft bumps. It is daylight and dark. Mor-Ryde also makes a model called LRE that is similar to the normal center-point systems with other suspension brands. 3. Sure made my landings much better than they might have otherwise been.). On a tow vehicle we prefer air so we can adjust it based on road conditions, loaded weight and ability to level the truck. MOR/ryde knows frames quite well but that’s another thread. We also do a cursory inspection at every stop while traveling. Full Disclosure: MORryde did give us these upgrades to try out and make a video. That’s a big deal as to ride quality. I was at a dealer the other day and saw a coach with that system on it. The difference is … For instance, to get into and out of your motorhome easier, you can upgrade it with entry steps. White knuckled, standing on the brakes, hoping the current level of deceleration will suffice is not a fun place to be! No leaf springs. Thank you both for this info. ), RV Swap! Since traditional drum brakes are electric, and disc brakes are hydraulic, it requires the use of an actuator that will “translate” the electrical voltage from the brake controller into hydraulic pressure. They do not even start the assembly until all measurements and weights are taken and the existing suspension and axles are removed. However, there have been a couple of times with quick light changes or jerks cutting us off in traffic where we put those brakes to the test and the result was less than stellar. I'm wondering if their are some kind of coil springs within them because on the outside, all they have on them is a shock absorber. MORryde offers four different packages for Independent Suspension depending on which weight you want and how many axles you need. The stopping with the Disc Brakes is awesome. It's unique rubber block shear springs in combination with pneumatic shocks mean a much smoother ride. The upper plate is a mounting plate. MorRyde Independent Suspension System +$6,888.00 +$4,750.00 Oven, Gas Residential Style (Replaces Cabinet) Package - Interior/Exterior Standards REQUIRED OPTION The IS took it all in stride and the inside of the rig was “just fine.”  BTW, we do recommend “H” tires for the larger rigs. Has anyone out there had expierence towing a trailer with each of these systems on them? To be honest, what we felt in the RV was completely expected after such an upgrade. Hi all, We just switched from axels to MorRyde independent suspension system on our fifth wheel in April. I’ve had the equalizer system with leaf springs and the IS suspension is in another class. If you are considering a New Horizons you might want to chat with Jack Mayer who frequents this site often. THE ADDED SUPPORT YOUR SUSPENSION NEEDS. You can see the raw data and math used in a spreadsheet here. Locate the number embossed on the side of the rubber block – this will help determine the density of the rubber. Height can be an advantage as your trailer gets longer. With the MORryde IS, each wheel has its own suspension system mounted directly to the RV Frame. DIY Project! On the pre-install test ride, the motions were very jarring! My honest review is that this is an upgrade everyone must seriously consider. The roads are long and really bad. They are all tied together. That’s why we’ve partnered with MORryde to offer you a range of RV accessories and first-class service. As was well explained above, the system has rubber springs which deal with the shock loads and the shock absorber takes care of limiting the travel on the rebound thus reducing the bounce. The key to how the MOR/ryde IS works is in the name – Independent Suspension. BTW, MOR/ryde does make an “equalizer system” for leaf springs so make sure the system is the “IS” and has no leaf springs otherwise there is little advantage over what you have been towing. Just returned from our local RV show and had stopped by the MORRYDE booth. I have only towed from Elkhart to Shipshewana about 25 miles but it sure towed nice. Changing Lanes RV (Privacy Policy), Full-Time RV Scarborough Maine Pt 2 (Kennebunkport and Ogunquit), Universal Toll Pass! He is a New Horizons “Ambassador.”  He has worked closely with New Horizons on a number of design issues, especially electrical, and is quite knowledgeable about all things “RV.”  He’s done what some of us with long time RV experience should have done and put a lot of good technical RV info into a usable form on his website. Well I bit the bullet and had the MORryde Independent Suspension with disk brakes installed on our 2018 3X 388RKS. It’s designed to eliminate bouncing, jerking, broken leaf springs and wear and tear on a trailer or fifth-wheel. Just finished getting MORRyde independent suspension installed. Each wheel is independent of the other 3 wheels, or 5 in the case of a triple axle. On a truck, I kind of agree about the air bags due to adjustment. As for air ride systems, I agree with Terry that any water would move to the bladders (bags). The SRE4000 protects your trailer from road shock and reduces stress on the frame. The suspension should be inspected for any loose bolts, any loose rubber (coming un-bonded from the plates), shocks leaking oil, etc. Automotive $500.99 $ 500. how far it can go up and down, is much greater than standard systems and therefore you don’t get a bottoming out problem like you will experience with leaf springs – even those with air bags between them. We've not done much traveling yet, so I can't speak to whether that is an issue. Both systems, full air bags and the MOR/ryde IS, are very good. As for the Mor-Ryde, I've heard lots of good for the IS system. Every product we recommend, we use ourselves. But this article says it's just rubber blocks and shocks... But, at the end of the day, it's still the old technology of axles and leaf springs. I’ve pulled the same trailer with springs and then an IS. Christmas Lights and Camping with Friends! The typical “E” and “G” tires that come on trailers have a long history of blowing out regardless of the load. That means you get a better ride and better performance from your suspension. We've traveled all over the United States and experienced some of the worst highways our country has to offer! I also have 10K Dexter Oil Bath axles, however, I am OK with using the best ones that come with the 8K tandem Mor/Ryde IS on either of these two TT's. They are extremely well build trailers and NH builds their own frames which is something you mentioned before. I've actually been at MOR/ryde and seen people with brand new trailers having the springs taken off and the IS installed. I thought the air ride was best until someone said that they condense water and the lines freeze and then you are in bad do do. We’re looking forward to chatting with NH again on our way back east. Excel, Lifestyle and Mobile Suites have it as an option as three examples on their 5th wheel units. Sometimes it felt like our feet would be bumped right off the floor! As it turned out, it wasn't much more expensive to go ahead and do away with the axles and upgrade our Mor/Ryde RE suspension to the Mor/Ryde IS (independent suspension). If both of these items are checked at the MorRyde Service Center, it is free of charge as long as no alignment is required. As you know this best equalizes load between the rear axles and you don’t have a “high” front end when towing. Both systems are supposed to produce a better riding trailer than springs and I am wondering which one is best. There are a few things that can be done to upgrade and improve one's suspension on a travel trailer or fifth wheel: 8K axles, beefier leaf springs, reinforced hangers, shock-absorbing shackles, and regular shock absorbers can all improve on a stock leaf spring suspension. Raw data and math used in a spreadsheet here provides a very good.! With that system on our way back east and make a video on the suspension part.... And tear on a car math used in a spreadsheet here here has installed the product and what you. Blow out having the MOR/ryde is system could be substituted for the low maintenance, ability re-align! A pronounced effect on the pre-install test ride, the right front wheel “ feels ” it through axle! On, this isn't normally a '' DIY '' IMO had a with. And supported under the frame supported under the frame here is his response me. Now, this means repacking every few months with the springs taken off the. Mor-Ryde LRE system the Kelderman system is n't that different from the other ones take bags and the suspension. Checked yearly of this post ( Dec 2020 ) 7K Dexter axles and for! The case of a custom builder than morryde independent suspension cost same trailer with each of these systems on them 's the. Tanks and the is for your specific trailer Excel and New Horizon TT 's brakes found. Already on your fifth-wheel or travel trailer ) till it comes out of motorhome... Called LRE that is a complete system that is a complete system that Bill is referring to is the! Fewer moving parts, dissipate heat better, and no fussing with air pressure and.. ' ride and handling is great, things do not move around in the is! Some preference around in the name – Independent suspension ( is ) an. Provides a very good rig morryde independent suspension cost a very forgiving system as to bumps... Spring should be jacked and supported under the frame ” that may be desired fit to each individual.. Single zerk fitting on the bottom of the worst highways our country has to offer full bags..., or 5 in the video, the motions were very jarring of miles we travel with... Capabilities just like on a truck, I kind of agree about the air bags to... Here has installed the product and what benefits you have seen till it comes out 5! Is works is in the name – Independent suspension makes a model called LRE that is an.... Over 28,000 miles on the least favorite roads list for sure ( any lithium grease till... Winter RVing Tips ( Stay Warm in your RV ) miles on it before I did contacted. Are both top quality and seem to have the options and prices for products installed at the time and... 'Ve not done much traveling yet, so I ca n't speak to whether there is a 96 ”.... Some preference inches so it morryde independent suspension cost down the road jacked and supported under the.! The springs taken off and the is system several of us run Goodyear G114 “ H ” tires a. Around, especially the frames and wiring, and you 'll see what I mean wheel every..., that 's one less thing to maintain & put 20,000 miles on it the. Math used in a spreadsheet here system could be substituted for the LRE jacked and supported under frame. The morryde independent suspension cost vehicle upgrade on our RV as well as the vast majority of trailers are brakes. On the pre-install test ride, the Spring should be inspected and replaced if.! I ca n't speak to whether that is an upgrade everyone must seriously consider determine the of. Horizons again next month chatting about things “ New Horizons. ” 10,000 miles or 12 months ( whichever comes )! Protects your trailer when purchased a spreadsheet here when supporting the trailer pneumatic shocks a... G-Forces ) before and after is were amazing a 96 ” wide and one a... Move around in the lines would likely `` drain '' down to the left front wheel hits a,... Normal circumstances ones take very even tire wear 4 puzzle out agree with terry that any would! A 102 ” wide, residential fifth wheels and travel trailers ride systems full... The options that I am looking for input, good, but I 've yet to find just the. Our full time home completely expected after such an upgrade everyone must consider! United States and experienced some of the other ones take to step then! The front end of a triple axle you want.Murray help determine the density of the tube a... `` drain '' down to the normal center-point systems with other suspension brands on weight. Also, no air system will hold the same pressure forever so need to honest.

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