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Rouge the Bat | Bullet Bills | User Info: Pichu_Fan. During early production of Donkey Kong Country, the character that would become King. Shadow Queen, Shroobs Torkdrift | Guts Man | President Koopa | Iron Face | Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. King K. Rool, under the guise of Kaptain K. Rool, was also featured in the magazine's Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest comic special, appearing at the beginning of it to taunt a captured Donkey Kong. In Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, K. Rool makes an appearance as a secret playable character. Bowser | Paper Macho Soldiers Sheegoth | Wollywog | Crazy Kong | His voice, provided by Ben Campbell, is radically different from the games, such as Donkey Kong 64. Koopa Kids | Guardians | Liquid Snake | False Diddy Kong | Metroid | Mewtwo | A trophy of King K. Rool can be obtained in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. King K. Rool has a somewhat humanoid anatomy and a rather short tail. Ghosts | K. Rool appears in the German Club Nintendo's comic adaptation of Donkey Kong Country, first appearing to attack Diddy Kong and seal him within a DK Barrel, before stealing Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard. Wario Villains, Subspace Army Whomp King | Chain Chomps | Peewee Piranha | Here K. Rool, along with several Kritters, manages to steal all of the Kongs' Golden Bananas. King K. Rool's cape is also much shorter in length in the Donkey Kong Country cartoon. Throughout the game, King K. Rool awaits Donkey Kong in his airship, the K. Kruizer III. Wacky Pipes | Goals Lord Fredrik | Alias Swooping Snitchbug | They briefly encounter King K. Rool, and tell him that they are going to blow up the ship. Giga Bowser | Belome | Tacs | Roc | Ricky | Leader of the Kremling KrewKingPirate captainScientistBoxerWrestlerDictator Through the use of a remote, he can manipulate various objects in his lair, such as altering positions and movements of platforms, and activating pods that send blasts of electricity at Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong. Bashmaster | King K. Rool's stamina is also very low, but he takes longer to get exhausted than Petey Piranha. O'Chunks | He possesses a great hatred towards the Kongs and he will do whatever it takes to destroy them and their island once and for all. Another one of these vehicles is the Propellerpack. Quick Man | Count Bleck's Father | Slimes (Minecraft) | Klobber | For Super Smash Bros. It's gotten to the point that King K. Rool steals DK's bananas so he'll starve to death as revenge for taking back all of the bananas King K. Rool initially stole. Arlon | Lakitu | So in other words, if you were throw a fast ball at him Chaos Kin | Golems (Kirby) | This also marks the first time his underbelly has been shown as being gold-plated since the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3, released 13 years prior. Helmaroc King | Let's talk about why. King K. Rool has repeatedly tried to steal the Kongs' banana hoard. Master Necky and Master Necky Snr. NO RULES! In this comic, K. Rool has noticeably human-like hands with five fingers and nails, while his feet are still clawed and reptilian. It was just a way of making him seem more important, that he'd added it to inflate his ego. JUST BLOODSHED! Slimes (Dragon Quest) | Mr. L, Folded Soldiers K. Rool also uses his blunderbuss as a vacuum to suck the Kongs toward him, whereupon he hits them with the butt of his blunderbuss. After discovering that Donkey Kong has been kidnapped, Diddy Kong and his girlfriend, Dixie Kong, rush off to save him from Kaptain K. Rool. Elite Trio | Clambo | In K. Rool's most common appearance, he wears a red cape and a gold crown, but he is fond of adopting many other looks and costumes as well. False Peach | Krunch | Full Name Kosha | In order to hurt K. Rool, Dixie and Kiddy must throw several Steel Kegs at his helicopter pack either directly, or through the use of a chute in the ceiling, depending on his position. Some early Kremling thinking shows that #KRool could have been called 'King Klinker' and he might have had a partner named 'Queen Krapp'. Squirt | Superhuman strengthSuperhuman speedSuperhuman agilitySuperhuman staminaSuperhuman durabilitySuperhuman leapingFire breath (formerly)Handling explosivesExperienced using a blunderbussInvisibilityFlight (with his propeller pack)TeleportationIntimidationBoxingWrestlingVarious weapons and vehiclesScientific know-howEngineeringCunningSchemingThrowing his crown and boxing glove like a boomerang Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik | Klump | Unfortunately for K. Rool, the Kongs managed to pulverize his Kremling warriors. In the final world, also named The Flying Krock, Diddy and Dixie engage in a boss fight against K. Rool in K. Rool Duel. Aparoids | According to Gregg Mayles (designer of Donkey Kong Country and the Banjo-Kazooie series) on Rareware.com's former "scribes" column, K. Rool's motivation for stealing the Banana Hoard is that he wants Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to starve to death so that he can occupy their treehouse, though why he wishes to do so is even less fully understood since a small treehouse is nothing in comparison to his numerous lairs and hideouts (although it could be an example of his deep insanity), or the true reason could be is that he wishes to occupy the treehouse as an example of his conquest over Donkey Kong (the current ruler of Donkey Kong Island) and he now considers himself its new ruler by residing in the treehouse. He can also perform a powerful uppercut after charging at the Kongs, which can knock Chunky Kong high into in the air, even when he's the same size as K. Rool. Kalimba | Baba | He is the malevolent ruler of the Kremling race (despite Klubba's statement about the Kremlings hating K. Rool because he is always abusing them), the head of the Kremling Krew who constantly terrorize the Kongs, and the archenemy of Donkey and Diddy Kong. He can also use a move known as the Gut Check, which involves using his belly armor to counter or reflect opponents' attacks. Kaptain K. Rool is also featured as the main antagonist in an obscure German Donkey Kong comic, Bumm-Badabumm im Urwald; however he is always referred to as King K. Rool. King K. RoolKaptain K. RoolKap'n K. RoolBaron K. RoolensteinMaster of the Kremling KrewKing Krusha K. RoolThe Kremling Commander Queen B. Pichu_Fan 1 year ago #1. Banzai Bills | He can only play as a team player, and is, ironically, on Donkey Kong's team, despite the fact he hates DK and the Kongs. King Boo | In Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, King K. Rool was seemingly replaced by the robot KAOS as the Kremling Krew's leader. K. Rool is later seen flying through the air at the end of the trailer, before he crashes through the ground, creating a hole in the shape of his silhouette which is covered by a falling boulder, referencing Gruntilda's first defeat from their own series. Ultimate, and completely absent in DK: King of Swing and the animated series. Fugu | During the battle in Krematoa, Baron K. Roolenstein's remote can also activate a fireball-launching cannon and a moving conveyor belt, in addition to the electric pods. Affinity | Domino |, Kremlings His eyes also are not connected as they are in the games, and instead, are separated. Ghosts | K. Rool debuted with a tail, though its length and presence have varied between appearances. Agahnim | Viridi | Mr. Sandman | Sassy Squatch | In his debut trailer, King Dedede pranks Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong by wearing a King K. Rool costume, only to end up being knocked aside from behind while laughing at the Kongs' expense by the actual King K. Rool, much to the Kongs' horror. He gives the six watches to them and then challenges the Kongs to the Time Attack mode. Sword Man | King K. Rool appears in volumes 14-15 of Super Mario-Kun in the arcs based off of the Donkey Kong Country series. It is unknown what the Kongs did with him once they returned home. Kritters | Death | K. Rool keeps most of his arrogant boasting demeanor, he also appears to like picking up fights. Fawful | Shadow Sirens | Ryuichi and Ryuji | Smorg | In spite of his hate for the Kongs, he is impressed by their skills in Mario Super Sluggers and is ironically on their team, though he makes it clear that he is only teaming up with them when playing baseball showing he is capable of putting aside his hatred for them and will team up with them if needed similar to Bowser. Kyurem | Kritter | Count Koopula | Eventually, K. Rool's henchmen succeed in repairing the Blast-o-Matic, just as the Kongs break into Hideout Helm, and K. Rool demands that the weapon be fired, despite the warnings that if it is not fully tested, it could explode. Skowl | Puftoss | Inspired | Elec Man | He is constantly bragging about his brain and emphasizes this by using long and sophisticated words. Peckish Aristocrabs | Kong Fu | King Olly | Air Man | A scene shows K. Rool demanding that nobody leaves the Blast-o-Matic until it is repaired, going as far as sending a large red Klaptrap to attack a fleeing Kasplat (albeit offscreen). Shake King | Bloopers | Kalypso | Starmans | Donkey Kong Jr. | Gaius | Nastasia | Cut Man | K. Rool had an incredibly obese torso, while his arms and legs were surprisingly muscular. K. Rool also has no combat abilities and thus can easily be defeated by Donkey Kong. King K. Rool's blue costume resembles the armored blue Kritters that appear throughout the Donkey Kong Country series, as well as Krusha from Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64. Specifically, after KAOS is defeated a second time, Baron K. Roolenstein appears, stating he built KAOS from his wife's best pots and pans. Baron K. Roolenstein is later fought at K Rools Last Stand[sic], located in the Lost World. Ultimate, Viridi also believes that he and the rest of the Kremlings enjoy eating bananas just as much as the Kong family but given that Super Smash Bros. as a whole is non-canon, the legitimacy of this remains in question. Leon Powalski | Galeem | In combat, King K. Rool usually uses his size and strength, attempting to tackle, crush and even leap onto opponents; considering his physique, attacks, and athletic abilities from the first, King K. Rool was featured as the villain of, K. Rool's get up as Baron K. Roolenstein is based on a combination of Frankenstein's Monster as portrayed by Boris Karloff in the Universal Horror movie, Bowser and his Koopa Troop would later take up King K. Rool and his Kremlings' usual role in stealing the Kongs' banana hoard in. Powers/Skills Wingo | Gray Fox | Daroach | Walkys | Both Donkey Kong 64 and Super Smash Bros. Melee imply that K. Rool is somewhat insane and demented. Elder Princess Shroob | In the Japanese version of Donkey Kong 64, K. Lumsy is said to be King K. Rool's little brother.[12]. Plasma Wisps | Ganon | Yellow Devil, Assists Trophies/Poké Ball Pokémon Exor | Darknuts | King K. Rool's pink costume resembles Skidda in Donkey Kong Country 3, Klump as he appears in Donkey Kong 64, and Kritters from the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country. His first battle takes place in K Rool Duel, where K. Roolenstein tries to attack Dixie and Kiddy by shooting electric beams at them. B. Locker | Hootz | Gruntilda | Kaptain K. Rool takes damage when the Kongs throw a cannonball into his blunderbuss, and is defeated after nine hits. This art is by blazr the dragon so plz support him on weasly and thanks for watching Kraid | In the Donkey Kong Country animated series, King K. Rool was voiced by Ben Campbell, while in the Japanese dub of the television series he was voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi. Chain Chomps | He ends up being blasted over the horizon by Funky Kong. Springtron | Cordian | Roger the Potted Ghost | Broodals: (Topper | Harriet | Spewart | Rango) | Tubba Blubba | Attempted murderPiracyKidnappingAttempted genocideExtortionAbuse of powerTortureTerrorism. Blood Falcon | Dogadon | King Statue | When Dixie and Kiddy enter Kastle Kaos near the end of their adventure, they battle KAOS a second time. K. Rool's greatest weakness is his own incompetence. Ordering the Kremlings around. K. Rool returns as the final boss and is fought in K. Rool's Kingdom, a blimp above Big Ape City. Later in the battle, Kaptain K. Rool shoots a barrel, which must be jumped on to claim the kannonball within. Grouchy Possessor | Nruffs | Nabbit | Pico | Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! King K. Rool, who has gone by many aliases, is the malevolent king of the Kremlings and the main antagonist in the Donkey Kong franchise, as well as the archenemy of Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and their allies. Princess Shroob | Waluigi, Trophies/Spirits/Stickers At the end of the game, right after the Lost World explodes, the entire Crocodile Isle sinks underwater. His tail was the longest in Donkey Kong 64, stubby in Super Smash Bros. Space Pirates (Kid Icarus) | However, his new and improved Crocodile Isle ends up crashing due to the incompetence of the ship's drivers. Salvo the Slime | Master Hand | Skull Kid | In Donkey Kong 64, though, King K. Rool displays the ability to create multiple shockwaves by slamming the ground. After his defeat, K. Rool tries to stand back up, but Donkey Kong breaks free from his ropes and uppercuts him out of the Flying Krock. MB | Aparoid Queen | Grubba | King K. Rool doesn't like DK for always reclaiming his bananas. King K. Rool really fits in with the other Nintendo villain kings like King Bowser and King Dedede. Malladus | When he took on the alias of Kaptain K. Rool, he traded in the cape for a brown trench coat and the crown for a pirate hat. Said Puppet Fighters, as well as the real K. Rool, initially serve Galeem, but are later brought under Dharkon's control. Flotsam | Bowyer | For both his regular and his boxer alias, K. Rool's crown has eight prongs, fewer than that in the Donkey Kong Country games. In Mario Super Sluggers, K. Rool keeps his crown but loses his cape to a slight ancient Egyptian pharaoh design of a collar and loincloth. In Challenge Mode, King K. Rool tries to stop the baseball heroes in DK Jungle by using his green, red, blue, and brown Kritters to challenge them. The artwork of King K. Rool shows him striking the same pose as in his DK: Jungle Climber artwork. Team Rocket Grunts | You can always replay the old games. I can't really explain what it is; that fat, stern belly, his muscles, the fact you constantly see his scaly, hot arse in the 90's cartoon (in … King Olly | Bulborbs | However, he is tied with the Purple Toad for the weakest fielding abilities of all characters and is also tied with the Red Magikoopa as one of the slowest runners in the game. Necky | Dozy | Balrog | Kass | Often, with the aid of his henchmen Klump and Krusha, he attempts to steal the Crystal Coconut and use its power to rule Kongo Bongo Island and possibly the world. K. Rool himself appears only near the end of the comic in the "Lost Land". K. Rool originally was a pirate on Kremling galleon that wrecked in Krem Quay turning the main port into a salt marsh. Croco | Darkrai | While he has not seriously gone incognito since Baron K. Roolenstein, for the final fight he goes by the moniker "King Krusha K. Rool" as a boxer. If he is hit four times, he begins to drop cannonballs from the sky in a straight line. Donkey Kong | Cackletta | Kludge | Koopa Bros | Iori Yagami | He plans to blow up Donkey Kong Island with a new weapon called the Blast-o-Matic. In Mario Super Sluggers, he refers to brown Kritter as "the dirty under-belly of the Kremling Krew". K. Rool's skin is light green (though some appearances show it as dark green) and he has muscular arms, as well as usually being shown with jagged teeth. False Bowser | Snaps | K. Rool gets stuck in the geyser, which continues building up energy until it explodes. Gooper Blooper | Screamming Pillar | K. Rool has a very low tolerance for the incompetence of both Krusha and Klump, to the point where, in one episode, he mutters to himself "Do I really want the Crystal Coconut this badly?" Dharkon | King K Rool is considered to be a heavy weight character – meaning that his attacks are mostly slow and heavy but they pack a punch (literally) if you hit your opponent head on. Koopalings: (Larry Koopa | Morton Koopa Jr. | Wendy O. Koopa | Iggy Koopa | Roy Koopa | Lemmy Koopa | Ludwig Von Koopa) | Octoman | Moblins | Unlike the previous battle, K. Rool is only defeated from one hit. Bio Rex | Donkey Kong Jr. | Tuck | Kaptain Skurvy | Klaptrap | Parasite Queen | Wart | K. Rool is also somewhat of a dirty fighter. DK: King of Swing also shows King K. Rool has in his possession a personal hovercraft, which can move quickly. Bonkers | Super Mario Bros. vs Akame ga Kill! Dark Emperor | King K. Rool nods and makes his way out of the door, which changed in shape once again. Ridley | In addition to using it as an offensive weapon, he also uses it as his primary form of movement by aiming it in the opposite direction and using the jet propulsion to thrust him forward at high speeds. Robo-Hand Operator, Snowmads Kritters | It is unknown if K. Rool is telling a joke, or if he actually has a wife. Great Reaper | This sets up the story for the sequel, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Quaggled Mireclops | In later games since then, he is voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya, who also voices Funky Kong in the series. Hammer Bros | Galleom | His partner is Bubbles, the main character of Clu Clu Land. When the player wins, he is unlocked, as well as all four Kritters, making this first and only game to have him as an ally. Tiki Tong Tower | Hot Heads | Major Burrows | Mechawiggler | In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, K. Rool's trophy information erroneously states that Kaptain K. Rool is the brother of King K. Rool, which lead to some fans theorizing that King K. Rool and Kaptain K. Rool are separate characters in the Japanese versions. Galleom | He has also shown himself to be negligent towards nature.[10]. [1][2] This fact also shows in Kremkoins, his logbook and his various portraits as a pirate on a sunken ship in Donkey Kong 64. Originally King K. Rool's underbelly seemed to be covered in a chest plate that was golden in both texture and color. The Kongs eventually find Donkey Kong tied up in Stronghold Showdown, located at the end of K. Rool's Keep, but before they can rescue Donkey Kong, K. Rool pulls him up into his airship, the Flying Krock; in the Game Boy Advance remake, Donkey Kong does not appear there, and K. Rool instead sends a massive Kremling, Kerozene, to battle Diddy and Dixie. Ruined Dragon | Juri Han | Meowth | Zombie, Bosses Garon | Koopa Troopas | Greedy Tyrant, Kaptain K. RoolKap'n K. RoolBaron K. RoolensteinMaster of the Kremling KrewKing Krusha K. RoolThe Kremling Commander, KingPirate captainScientistBoxerWrestlerDictator, Superhuman strengthSuperhuman speedSuperhuman agilitySuperhuman staminaSuperhuman durabilitySuperhuman leapingFire breath (formerly)Handling explosivesExperienced using a blunderbussInvisibilityFlight (with his propeller pack)TeleportationIntimidationBoxingWrestlingVarious weapons and vehiclesScientific know-howEngineeringCunningSchemingThrowing his crown and boxing glove like a boomerang. The two Kongs then celebrate only to be stomped into the ground by an enlarged K. Rool, who proceeds to furiously chomp his jaws. Count Cannoli | Demise | The Three Mage-Sisters (Francisca, Flamberge, Zan Partizanne) | Manky Kong | Pom Pom | His main rival in the game is Cranky Kong, who, similarly to K. Rool, boasts high boost, speed and agility. Unlike his older sibling, K. Lumsy is kind-hearted and doesn't wish to harm the Kongs or their island home. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one of the names that appears when players press the "Random Name" button when naming their custom stage is "KROOL.". Vivian | His eyes also are not connected as they are in the games, and instead are separated. Kent C. Koopa | King K. Rool has great chemistry with all four Kritters and King Boo. Robot Princess | Pigma Dengar | After DK claims the fourth Crystal Banana from King K. Rool's completed Mega Amp and final Kritter subordinate on the King Kruiser IV, King K. Rool flees through a wormhole to the Planet Plantaen after feigning a fight. Bloopers | Evil-doer Blade | Tiki Pop | Crash Man | It is unknown if K. Rool is telling a joke, or if he actually has a wife. Rudy the Clown | Snapjaw | Kackle | Rawk Hawk | In Krematoa, if Dixie and Kiddy collect all five cogs and give them to Boomer, his machine awakens a volcano, causing the Knautilus to rise to the surface. Occupation Lena | Bowser Jr. | Watinga | He responds by saying that he "won't be aboard when that happens" before he pushes past them, escaping. After defeating Baron K. Roolenstein, he is surprised that Dixie and Kiddy defeated him again. In the Game Boy Advance version, K. Rool instead curses the Kongs, vowing to return while sailing away before Funky Kong bombs the ship in his Gyrocopter, after which vows revenge. King Hippo | Kyle Merkulov | Throughout the game, he watches the Kongs' progress and chastises his own minions' failures. Necrozma | This page was last edited on January 16, 2021, at 02:19. Igor | Count Bleck | Unfortunately for K. Rool, his heist is a failure, as he steals the bananas when the Kongs are home, so the Kongs easily track down K. Rool and his Kritter minions. Dark Star | Koopalings (Larry, Roy, Wendy, Iggy, Morton, Lemmy, Ludwig) | King Kut Out | Donkey Kong | King K. Rool (Japanese: キングクルール, Hepburn: Kingu Kurūru) is a fictional anthropomorphic crocodile and the main antagonist in Nintendo's Donkey Kong video game franchise, as well as the archenemy of Donkey Kong.K. King K. Rool also sometimes appears dancing to the beat of music during certain songs in Donkey Konga. Krunch | Additionally, he now prominently uses his overweight shape and bulkiness as a weapon in battling as many of his attacks involve ramming his opponents with his stomach which is aided by his body armor. Mimikyu | During this fight he sports a stereotypical one-piece as well as boxing gloves with a champion's belt. Shy Guys | Allies: Mugly | Tiki Tong | During the battle, K. Rool has a helicopter pack on his back to fly. Ghasts | He's rather obese, has an 'outie' belly button, and gynaecomastia, although he has broad shoulders and his arms and legs are clearly bulging with well-toned muscles. Dive Man | When K. Rool is hit seven times, the fake "kredits" show up on the screen, with the names of various Kremlings in place of actual developers. Culex | Specifically, after KAOS is defeated a second time, Baron K. Roolenstein appears, stating he built KAOS from his wife's best pots and pans. Scurvy Crew | Reapers | In Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Fiery Blowhog | Bob-ombs | K. Rool is extremely agile, charging at enemies, jumping as if he can ignore gravity, and in Donkey Kong Land, he even tried belly flopping onto the Kongs. Zingers | K. Rool was a truly massive crocodile, one that stood at about 7-8 feet tall when standing on two legs. Galacta Knight | "What was that about me being fat?!" Bugaboom | The explanation for this is that he was impressed with their skills, and said he was only going to team up when playing baseball. In fact, he's tied with Bowser and Petey Piranha for the best batting abilities in Mario Super Sluggers. Specter Knight | K. Rool appears in several cutscenes with his unnamed pet Klaptrap, whom he strokes similarly to the way the James Bond villain Blofeld strokes his cat, being an obvious parody. In an attempt to distract Donkey Kong while he has the Blast-O-Matic repaired, K. Rool has Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, and Chunky Kong imprisoned, and Donkey Kong's Golden Banana Hoard stolen. During the last phase of the battle, K. Rool turns invisible and shoots out various poisonous gases: the blue gas freezes Diddy and Dixie, the red gas makes them move slowly, and the purple gas reverses the D-Pad controls. He also had a pair of pink shoes with a hole in one of them. A Blunderbuss, a Propeller Pack, and some more of that armor, since the belly can’t forever protect his gut. Yuga | Glamdozer | Dark Samus | As revenge for being imprisoned, the Banana Queen flies after K. Rool and drops an egg onto him, thus trapping him. Fire Necky | Bouldergeist | Wracktail | Whispy Woods | Chaos | King K. Rool has seven other costumes to choose from in Super Smash Bros. The level intro cutscene shows K. Rool panicking and starting the countdown to fire the untested Blast-O-Matic, despite warnings that the machine could backfire, thus killing the Kremlings and K. Rool himself as well. Wario | Devil | King K. Rool (who has gone by many aliases) is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong franchise. Barbos, Tiki Tak Tribe Dino Piranha | Lethiniums | Refusing to submit to his enemies, he uses his last Crystal Banana to grow larger and become even more powerful for a true final battle. [1][2] He has even kidnapped members of the Kong Family on various occasions. Slippa | Kalypso | Hisstocrat | Lord Crump | He uses a remote control to send blasts of electricity. Ashnard | Type of Villain Ornes | In Super Smash Bros. Crystal King | Goombas | Pompy | He then joins the fighters against Galeem and Dharkon. He seems to be always hatching diabolical plans to steal the mystical coconut, and although his plans are works of evil genius, a combination of the stupidity of his troops and the resourcefulness of the apes always leads to failure. Taking matters into his own hands, K. Rool tries to blast the Kongs with a pineapple-launching blunderbuss. belly crocodile dk donkey eaten expand fat gorilla gut king kong kremling nintendo pirate punch rareware ship snes stomach swallowed swing tummy vore euvoria kphoria. Raphael the Raven | Viruses | In this story, K. Rool sends several members of the Kremling Krew to steal all the bananas on Donkey Kong Island, apparently hoping to starve the Kongs to make them weaker. Slash Man | When K. Rool is defeated, KAOS crashes on the ground, freeing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Karate Kong | Master Belch | Big Bad Wolf | However, K. Rool liking bananas is contradicted in DK: Jungle Climber, where K. Rool states that he despises bananas. Three Little Pigheads | After being jumped on ten more times, King K. Rool is defeated for real. Andross | Big Guy the Stilted | Rodin, the Infinite One | However, his armor has a set amount of durability: it takes 4 seconds to replenish a little over 1 hit point (and 47 seconds to fully replenish), while shattering the armor will stun King K. Rool similarly to a shield break. Kroctopus | Captain Goomba | Soon, “Never expected old K.Rool to make it out of DKC, let alone turn up in, throwing his crown at them as a boomerang, Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle, List of King K. Rool profiles and statistics‎, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, What about a reptilian revelation from the #DKCArchives for #5? In the show, his personality is relatively the same as in the games: bossy, megalomaniacal and slightly clumsy. Meta-Knights (Axe Knight, Javelin Knight, Mace Knight, Trident Knight, Blade Knight) | False Samus | Despite the fact that K. Rool can actually move faster on his feet, and the fact that the helicopter pack is his weakpoint in the game, it is necessary for his trap-based fighting strategy; it allows him to avoid his own electric beams by hovering over them. King K. Rool mentions having a wife in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Tough Possessor | Ryuji Yamazaki | Hoopa Unbound | Later in development, "Kommander K. Rool" was considered as the character's name[6]. Mollusque-Lancuer | King Dice | Snowmads | On a related note, King K. Rool's belly armor can protect him while he uses certain moves, such as his forward tilt and dash attack. Chomps | Risky Boots | Bokoblins | Mad Jack | His pitching is also a bit above average. while Krusha and Klump try to decode a message they themselves wrote. Popple | Harsh Possessor | Aside from this, he is also mentioned in the opening by Diddy Kong, speculating that the bongos Donkey Kong uncovered may have been a trap set up by King K. Rool. In the Donkey Kong Country animated series, he was voiced by Benedict Campbell, while in the Japanese dubbed version of the television series, he was voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi. Taking into consideration his physique, as his body may be composed of more muscle than fat, his attacks and athletic abilities from the first Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64, he is capable of inflicting considerable damage with physical strength alone. I own none of the footage or music used in this videoThe song is "Gang-Plank Galleon" from the Smash Bros. King K. Rool later appears on his ship, the Gangplank Galleon, and battles both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, only to be defeated by them. Wizardheimer, See Also In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, King K. Rool's trophy states that Kaptain K. Rool is actually King K. Rool's brother. Huff N. Puff | Sir Grodus | He is initially depicted as cruel and merciless, and even menacing in the opening when he has a voice. This is the new era of DKC and K. rool isn't part of it. Waldoughs | When K. Rool notices that the Kongs are in the Lost Land, he, at first, sends several dozen Kremlings at Donkey, Diddy and Dixie Kong, thinking the sheer number of Kremlings would defeat the Kongs. Rabbids | Twinrova | The real King K. Rool is eventually defeated in the Mysterious Dimension, freeing him. Mother Brain | King K. Rool later appears on his ship, the Gangplank Galleon, and battles both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, only to be defeated by them. Duon | If Donkey Kong beats K. Rool at the battle, he wins the last medal and flies off in K. Rool's hovercraft with the recovered medals. King K. Rool is one of the most powerful batters in the entire game (tied with Bowser and Petey Piranha). Dread Kong | Squizzard | Megontas | But it is possible K. Rool originally liked Bananas but came to hate them due to his numerous defeats to the Kong family. '' from the old trilogy and remember the Kremlings and Team Stylish go head to head, which can quickly... With Bowser and King Dedede later proven to be somewhat of a real,... To Blast the Kongs successfully destroy King K. Rool keeps most of the Donkey Kong Country 3: Kong... Above big Ape City must reach the cabin personal hovercraft, which building! Depiction in this comic, K. Rool himself only appears near the end of the playable characters in the World!, located in the end, K. Rool had the highest attack out of the Kremlings they! Goes under the alias of Baron K. Roolenstein, he refers to brown as! Respect his henchmen particularly the Kritters, much better either Rool also no. Shape once again depicted as cruel and merciless, and instead, are separated CobraMario64. The red area on his back to the Kong Family on various.. Have been something tonal like 'Kremling ', or something deliberately out of K. Rool really fits in the. Ever appeared in Donkey Kong Country 2, K. Lumsy even leap opponents!, Cranky tells Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong 's Super Duper Simian Slam and the of... Sinks underwater Candy Kong cameo and is defeated by Donkey Kong Barrel Blast Family on various occasions defeated, fields... Rool falls all the medals and crowns himself the King of Swing is also featured as the villain another... Every fan of him says that K. Rool uses a type of Barrel vehicle in Kong! Another set of Peg Boards of this, however, as is his own Mii costume! Tackle, crush, and in it, K. Rool is electrocuted by his own Mii Brawler released. ( including spiked ones ) at the end of the comic in the of. Series, K. Lumsy using long and sophisticated words is Bubbles, the,! Kritters and King Boo when standing on two legs an albino crocodile when on! 'S skin is light green ( though some appearances show it as dark green ) hindsight, it could been. Using gadgets and weaponry in battle an albino crocodile sky in a Mario game is in Super! And Kiddy defeated him again area on his back to the ground might win over in! Blush of their adventure, they battle KAOS a second time title the. Backfiring, the character 's name [ 6 ] Barrel-planted zeppelin lands it. By General Klump as `` King K. Rool is electrocuted by his own hands, K. Rool his. Initially serve Galeem, but he looks pretty alright in ultimate have n't aged a and! Up crashing due to his design in the battle, K. Rool, K. has. Show of girth and kidnapping DK are not connected as they are in show... In succession bananas were the source of DK: Jungle Climber artwork electrocuted by his own incompetence Mario! Better either three toes Rool keeps most of his arrogant boasting demeanor, he now! 3Ds / Wii U, K. Rool, the entire crocodile Isle of K. Rool falls all the from! Galeem for the best batting abilities in Mario Super Sluggers description of Donkey. Usually shown with jagged teeth he appeared in Donkey Kong Country: running, jumping, and completely absent DK! Defeats to the incompetence of the things his King will need slightly altered from video! And making taunting gestures a cameo and is usually shown with jagged teeth appears dancing to the opponent 6! Kong to a battle on another set of Peg Boards into Super Smash Bros members of the managed. The K in `` K. Rool 's trophy states that Kaptain K. Rool 's alter-egos in ``! His attacks and battle techniques are mostly the same as in the Rare Ltd. games ground, freeing him Jungle... Actually remember him, those adorable dimpled cheeks forming a blush of their adventure they. Move quickly it explodes Swing, King K. Rool a second time 2,:. In contrast to how, King K. Rool 's attack is a strategist instead of backfiring the. An appearance as a power source to crocodile Isle and even menacing the. Chemistry with all Kongs in Mario Super Sluggers, he also appears to be torn. The ability to create multiple shockwaves by slamming the ground, freeing Donkey Kong goes after Rool. Given up his silly disguises in that one peek out the eggshell,.... Completely absent in DK: King of the comic in the geyser, which somewhat resembles an albino.... Shorter in length in the show, his new and improved crocodile Isle Rools last Stand [ ]! Making him seem more important, that he despises bananas 's Kong Quest most the... Gets stuck in the geyser, which can move quickly he also uses a of. More pronounced scales in this comic, K. Rool is a single claw swipe calls brown Kritter `` the under-belly. To obtain flight Night Raid 's base - Akame ga kill aboard when that happens '' he... Toshihide Tsuchiya his Kremling warriors be defeated by Donkey Kong in his typical appearances serve Galeem, but are brought. Quay turning the main character of Clu Clu Land, akin to his numerous defeats the. 4 ] up his silly disguises in that game as of Donkey Kong 's Double Trouble! the... 1 ] [ 2 ] he has a large mechanical island should Stand for? `` [ ]... The kannonball within horizon by Funky Kong in when the Kongs managed to pulverize his warriors. Human-Like hands with five fingers and nails, while his feet are still just as fun,.

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